911 was it ORCHESTRATED ?  

1.  Jet fuel is essentially "kerosene" and can not melt or weaken the very very high strength steel that was specially designed to withstand cat 5 hurricanes and withstand temps up to 2700 F,  for 110 story high twin towers.  The steel beams were vertical for 110 stories and as said very high strength special steel (not the low quality type that the fool on youtube, "Tye", put in a "forge" at much higher temp than kerosene burns.   It couldn't happen.   Jet fuel burns at only 1500 F. 

2.  The fires burned "White" hot for 3 weeks in the basements, white hot according to witnesses.  Thermite burns white hot. 

3.  Another mysterious building was destroyed but upon inspection the vault in the basement of building #7 had already been opened and emptied:  the missing vault contents were the ENRON investigation Evidence that was going to be used to prosecute the ENRON culprits.   Yeah... getting the picture?

4.  Rumors are that NO JEWS went to work that day , they were "rumored" to have gotten a "jew" call to NOT go to work that day ( I would hope this is not true but that is the rumors and on top of that the Israeli President was rumored to be very happy about the towers coming down as he knew the USA would come to do the war for them using our young men and women and its still going on in VietRaqIstanYria, at the direction of foreign Trillionaires who control our govt thru "Campaign Donations" (payola)). 

5.  1,600 FIRST RESPONDERS DIED, but not in the 1st day, rather they died days, weeks, months and years later from what is rumored to be nano-lead thermite* particle ingestion into their lungs.   

6.   Since jet fuel of that quantity burns off in less than 30 minutes and would not melt or even make soft that very very high quality steel, the question becomes what did melt the steel holding up the twin towers?   Rumors are that the newly developed THERMITE NANO particle explosive was packed into specific floors (the same floors that planes hit directly) to make sure the towers came down AND the same NANO Thermite Explosive was also packed into the basement again to make sure the towers came down, which explains the 3 week "white hot" fires in the basement.  *Thermite is normally known as an incendiary and burns white hot like phosphorous, but in the nano version its about 100 times more powerful and becomes more of an explosive. 

7.   Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD's) 's were never found at all period in Iraq. 

8.   The scuttlebutt is that there are 80 people who own more than 50% of all the worlds wealth and resources, AND they want the other half; thus using the foolish USA's military, they take a country , then order our guys out and move in their developers buying war ravaged property for nothing, and rape the resources, then on to the next area.   

9.  All the evidence was covered or destroyed, and no independent studies were allowed at all. Strangely like the JFK assassination in which the Limo was immediately refurbed and all evidences (like bullet hole in windshield, bullet holes in seats, etc) were all destroyed, the substitute driver who did not speed up but actually slowed down until he was sure JFK was dead was never investigated, all the agents were on the chase car instead of Limo where they were sworn to be, etc ), all evidences are suppressed. 

10. Check out the book by "Christopher Bollyn" : Bollyn.com  with book: "Solving 911 The Deception that Changed the World" , Ends the Wars." 

 What can you do?  Demand the govt provide answers, don't vote for anyone who "collaborated" .   

Demand Supreme Court REVERSE THE FOREIGN DONOR LOOPHOLE.   Yep the Bush and Clinton Stoked SupCt Ruled around 8 years ago that Foreigners even Foreign GOVERNMENTS can donate to any election candidate even Congress and President anytime anywhere??  This is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and yes the USA Military let us down by not going down there to the SupCt and forcing them to Stick to the Constitution (this Constitution by definition belongs to the CITIZENS of the USA , not Trillionaire Foreigners ). 

We can never have PEACE IN OUR TIME while the wolves and Jackals are allowed to run around scheming to keep "LAND GRAB" wars going *they use puppet govts to create the illusion of separate sovereignty . 

*Nano Particle Thermite is said to be made in layers of lead and thermite, so that when it explodes it gives off lots of lead, this can be seen in some of the 911 videos running out of the side of the buildings up high, strange.   

** Another strange event in one of the videos was what appeared to be a missile coming from one of the planes into the "specific" floor of the twin towers to make an opening for the fuselage of the plane to enter into more easily?  That's what the experts say anyway, alluding that they were afraid the plane would simply crumple up on the side of the building and fall to the ground without igniting the nano-thermite explosives inside that whole floor.