666 - MARK OF BEAST ? 

Is someone trying to tell us something?

                                Rev 13:18 Here is Wisdom, Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man; His number is 666. 


Many have tried throughout history to find the solution to the 666 Mark of Beast that is foretold in Revelations but up to now all of them have fallen short. 

      1. Now it appears that the RFID *Radio Frequency ID chip* that supporters want to put in everyone's hand eventually  and even in the foreheads of prisoners ostensibly to improve accountability, safety, and security, which sounds good until you think what did Hitler do with the tools at his command? 

2.  With E_Networks like the Internet and so called "Smart" devices it makes it very easy for someone to make others lives a living hell (imagine the "Worshipful Leader" doesn't like your politics and with the clik of a mouse turns off your ability to buy, sell, even start your car or use your stove or fridge?) Sounds strange but so too were the strange V1 rockets. 

3.  Why use 6 for the codex?  :  Hebrew helps us with the association of "6" with the sound for "W" ---> so that WWW -= 666 which is the start of every URL (website address) on the E_Network worldwide!  And Jesus the focus of the New Testament spoke Hebrew.  Plus the mostly Jewish Israeli's who were the ancestors of Jesus, have a state flag has the "6" sided star. 

4.  Why English? : English recently has become the "Official" accepted world language (ie chinese, polish, russian, italian, all passports in the world, have their language AND English side by side. ) 

5.  Keep in mind that Sweden has already done away with cash money, they have outlawed using cash, instead all transactions have to be in some type of electronic network device such as a credit/debit card or other.   (And some western states have in turn passed laws that require acceptance of gold and silver coinage, thanks to them).

 Are we in the End Days spoken of in the New Testament? Many would say Yes !  


     The Codex of "6" goes like this: 

Using English (English is the world language for the first time in history since Tower of Babel), just use multiples of 6 to represent each letter in the alphabet (this is a very old coding method used for thousands of years) as thus: 

A = 6              Now try it on words like COMPUTER:

B = 12            C =18          Likewise "Mark of Beast" = 666        

C = 18           O = 90         as well "E_Network" = 666                

D = 24           M = 78                                                            

E = 30           P = 96                                                            

F = 36           U = 126                                                                 

G = 42          T = 120                                                            

H = 48          E = 30                                                                 

I = 54            R = 108                                                          

J = 60           TOTAL = 666                                                        

K = 66                                                                              

L = 72                                                                              

M = 78                                                                              

N = 84                                                                              

O = 90                                                                              

P = 96                                                                              

Q=  102                                                                              

R = 108                                                                              

S = 114                                                                              

T= 120                                                                              

U =126                                                                              

V = 132                                                                              

W =138                                                                              

X = 144                                                                              

Y = 150                                                                              

Z  = 156